Used Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes are one of the most cost effective pieces of exercise equipment available today and buying used stationary bikes provides an even more affordable way to get home exercise equipment, if you know what to look for and what to avoid.

Part of the reason they are so cost effective is that many models are built to last and when found used they are able to be purchased at a deeply discounted rate. In this guide we’ll give you some pointers to help you find used stationary bikes that are in good condition instead of finding one that could double as scrap metal.

Types of Stationary Bikes

On the top of the list are upright stationary bikes. This is the most common type of stationary exercise bike and if price is your primary concern, consider this variety first as there are more used upright stationary bikes on the market than any other variety. With this type of bike, the rider sits upright and holds onto handlebars for stability.

Second on the list is the recumbent stationary bike. With this type the rider sits in a reclined position with the pedals out front. This type of stationary bike is typically a bit more expensive, but if ergonomics is your concern, then a recumbent stationary bike is likely to be your best bet.

Finally, there are portable stationary bikes or mini exercise bikes. The majority of these bikes look like little pyramids that sit on the floor. The advantage of this type of stationary bike is that they are extremely portable. Some models are small enough where you can even take them to the office and use it under your desk.

What to Look For In Used Stationary Bikes

Here are a few things to look for when you are looking to purchase used stationary exercise bikes:

  • Buy from a reputable vendor. As with any large purchase this is recommended because reputable vendors know the importance of customer satisfaction and will go the extra mile, no pun intended, to make sure you are happy.
  • Look for signs of excessive wear. Be sure to look for things like rust, missing paint, weird noises, torn seats whenever looking at used exercise bikes.
  • Don’t buy sight unseen. If you’re shopping on the internet, particularly from an auction site, it is impossible to try a bike out to see if the bearings are shot.
  • Try before you buy. If you are looking at craigslist or somewhere that sells used stationary bikes, arrange to test the bike before you make a decision.
  • Read online reviews. Other consumers will give you the best feedback for your purchase. When you do this, please understand that just because there is one bad review and 10 good reviews, there is always going to be a few people that hate a good product. Read good and bad reviews alike to make sure that the bad ones are just personal preference and not that the bike itself or the bike’s design has a serious flaw.

Make an Educated Purchase

When you shop for used stationary bikes it really boils down to being an informed consumer and doing your research. By following a few of the tips in this guide, you’ll be in a better position to make an informed decision. As with all purchases, if the deal sounds too good to be true, be wary, it probably is.