Stationary Bikes for Better Brains

Did you know that this site was more than just about your favorite recumbent stationary bike or your favorite bike stand. It is, in fact, about keeping your brain alive!

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and now there’s the clinical research to (almost) prove it.

A recent study indicated that engaging in regular exercise on consistent basis for a long period of time creates and maintains a much more youthful and vibrant brain structure.

Medical researches conducted brain imaging exams on individuals within age range of 60 to 80. Individuals who maintained consistent and long-term exercise routines had brains that appeared quite like the brains of much younger individuals. The brain images of older exercisers featured blood vessels that appeared more healthy with good blood flow.

Those elderly fitness nuts had been getting a solid three hours of exercise almost every single week for ten years. While this is case of the chicken or the egg — the research can’t definitively say whether people with healthier minds simply exercise more or whether the extra exercise leads to the healthier minds — there are plenty of other studies that indicate exercise is good for you and great for improved longevity.

So jump on that stationary bike and get that brain pumping!