Schwinn Airdyne Stationary Bike

While researching stationary bikes you will likely run across the Schwinn Airdyne stationary bike. The Airdyne has been around for a long time, and there is a good reason for that. It is a distinctly different type of exercise bike that is perfect for some, but not as ideal for others. Schwinn has a great reputation when it comes to exercise bikes whether you are looking for a standard upright or Schwinn recumbent bike, but is the Schwinn Airdyne stationary bike right for you?

The Basics of A Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike

Schwinn Airdyne exercise bikes are different than other stationary bikes in two specific ways.

First they use a wind resistance system instead of mechanical resistance. Second, the handlebars are connected to the pedals and the fan so they move back and forth as you are riding providing, an upper body workout as well that is meant to simulate natural body motion. These systems are connected to each other to provide an organic, graduated resistance resistance system, meaning the harder you pedal the greater the resistance.


This is a solidly built bike that is has remained virtually unchanged since the original model was first developed, which says a lot about the strength of the design. Instead of having a small heavy flywheel with electromagnetic or mechanical friction for resistance the Airdyne uses a large fan that provides air resistance. This results in a few advantages over other types of stationary bikes.

The large air-resistance flywheel provides a smooth ride and the fan generates a cooling breeze that can make your indoor cycling more comfortable. The resistance naturally increases the harder you pedal providing a more organic experience. Because the resistance system has more of a simple design than most other stationary bikes it is less apt to break. In other types of exercise bikes when the resistance system starts to wear or malfunction it will cause a bumpy ride or make the bike inoperable, but this isn’t a problem with the Airdyne.

Because the arm holds move as well this bike provides an upper and lower body workout. This is something you can’t find in other exercise bikes.

The bottom line is the Airdyne is made very solid. It is a durable bike that will last for many years will little or no maintenance. If you’re looking at used stationary bikes an Airdyne is an option you should consider because of the design and durability of this particular style of stationary bike.


The solid design is great, but this isn’t a bike you want to move around often; it’s pretty big and heavy. If you need something for a small space consider a portable version.

For some people the fan blows too much air and it can be too noisy. While the moving arm holds provide an upper body workout if you don’t like the feeling of this motion or if you want to workout without this function you’re out of luck as there is no way to turn it off.

If you like the varied exercise programs found on many upright and recumbent stationary bikes the Airdyne may not be a good choice for you.

Airdyne Evo Comp

The Schwinn Airdyne Evo Comp is a slightly smaller version of the original. It has the same basic design but it is slightly smaller. The fan is smaller and it doesn’t blow as much air directly at the rider. It is also quieter than the original model. While the Airdyne Evo Comp does cost a little more than the old-fashioned model many feel it is worth it for the slightly smaller and quieter design.

If you are unsure about whether or not a Schwinn Airdyne stationary bike is right for you give one a test ride. If you like the feel and functionality of it this is a solid exercise bike that will last for many years to come.