Portable Stationary Bikes

Finding a way to get exercise on a regular basis is important; portable stationary bikes can provide a great way to get regular exercise for those who are busy and don’t have the time to go to a gym. They are also a good idea for those who want a small home gym but have limited space in their home or apartment and don’t have room for regular size stationary bikes.

A portable stationary bike is an easy way to get a combination of cardiovascular and lower back workouts at any time. Just because you haven’t heard of portable stationary exercise machines doesn’t mean they can’t benefit you! Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having one as well as some of the more popular models currently available.

Benefits of Portable Stationary Bikes

Many people understandably have trouble juggling work, family and exercise. There is always the option of a gym but they can be costly and unhandy for people with a busy schedule. If you are looking to get into shape and want to lose weight these mini stationary bikes can be a good solution to the problem. Here are some of the benefits of a mini exercise bike:

  • A cardiovascular workout
  • Great toning exercise for leg muscles as well as a great way to improve overall circulatory health
  • Small initial investment for an exercise machine
  • Easy to install
  • Keep out on a stationary bike stand or store in close quarters such as under the bed or under the desk
  • Portable for easy lifting and transport

Like used stationary bikes, mini or portable bikes provide an affordable way to get home exercise equipment.

Here are two popular models that are worth a closer look:

Confidence Space Saving Exercise Bike

  • Has a design like regular upright stationary bikes
  • Has a folding frame that makes it easy to store after your workout
  • Offers adjustable magnetic resistance to vary the intensity of the workout
  • Comes with a display that tracks your time, speed, distance and calories burned

Overall this is a pretty good and affordable model for a folding exercise bike. Reviews of this bike are mostly positive but some complained about the comfort of the seat, which can be changed if wanted.

Stamina 15-0120 InStride Cycle XL

  • This model is very portable and affordable
  • The secure rubber straps to hold feet and hands for a full body workout
  • Has adjustable tension knobs

Overall this portable exercise bike has pretty good reviews but keep in mind it won’t provide the same workout as a full-size exercise bike. These types of portable exercise bikes are great for getting extra exercise while reading or watching tv at home. They can also be good for older people who have a harder time getting out to a gym or getting on a regular stationary bike.

Turn Your Road Bike Into a Stationary Bike

If you really like the feel of a full size bike, and the extra room, you might want to consider a stationary bike stand, or an indoor bike trainer. An indoor bike trainer lets you turn your regular street bike into a stationary bike. This is especially useful if you like your street bike but don’t like to ride in inclement weather. Stationary bike stands support a regular bike and allow you to pedal while keeping the bike stationary, turning your regular outdoor bicycle into a stationary exercise bike.

Now that you know some of the many benefits using portable stationary bikes, it may be time to add one to your personal routine. Get cycling and get healthy!